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Can I eat Grocery Store food? answer:  YES you can!
You can eat regular store foods that you buy at the grocery store and prepare at home or you can eat out/take out with family and friends at most restaurants.  Really?  Yes you can with Slim4Life!

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The Slim4Life Weight Loss program was originated in 1979 and has a 30 year track record of helping our clients lose weight.

Our program was designed by a team of medical doctors, nutritionists and counseling Psychologists. Our system has undergone many improvements since its inception, to become a leader in the field of weight loss. We are well known in our community by the numerous doctor referrals as well as doctor participation in Slim4Life. 

Slim4Life Weight Loss Centers opened in the Kansas City area in 1998 and are

now open in St. Louis.

The Slim4Life Weight Loss Program

Try watching this video first and learn why so many of our Slim4Life counselors came  first as weight loss clients, just like you.  They have a unique client perspective that will help them help you you begin to reach your weight loss goal with Slim4Life!

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JUST OPENED: Two  New Locations


2520 N. Highway 67,
Florissant, Mo. 63033

St. Charles!

1978 Zumbehl Rd.,

St. Charles, MO  63303


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Slim4Life has years of experience, is a proven weight loss plan and was created by a team of Doctors.  Now, we are here in St. Louis and we are ready with a team of professional weight loss counselors to help you lose weight fast!  

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